DFW Steam Cleaning Pet Stain and Odor Removal

We all love our pets. They’re smaller, furrier family members. But unlike other members of your family they can also leave behind two things that you wish they didn’t: Stains and odors.

On a tile floor these stains are fairly easy to clean, but what happens when the stain is on carpet? The odor works its way deep into the carpet and you find yourself constantly looking for a new mess left by your pet. Carpet is made up of cloth fibers and is highly absorbent. Even if you think you cleaned a spot you have likely only cleaned the very surface. In addition bacteria and other disease-causing organisms can thrive in carpet fibers especially when they are supplied with the exact nutrients contained in pet mess.

If you buy one of the typical products at a pet or home improvement store or even rent one of those grocery store carpet machines, you are not using the professional grade products that are really required to deal with pet stains and odors.

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