Area Rug Cleaning

If you have hardwood floors it is almost certain that you will also have area rugs. Rugs are an island of warmth and softness on a sea of wood. However, when you have an area rug in a heavily trafficked area it can be soiled quite quickly. This is even more true if you have kids, pets, and people coming in and out all day. You should clean your area rugs monthly and deep clean them at least once per year.

Monthly Cleaning

Beyond the daily vacuuming of your flooring and carpeting you should also vacuum your rugs at an appropriate setting. In addition to vacuuming your area rugs on a regular basis throughout the month you need to once per month give your area rug a little special attention especially if they are in high traffic areas.

  1. Roll up the area rug (a friend may be needed to assist) and move to a less trafficked area so you can begin the cleaning process.
  2. Unroll the rug and give it a thorough vacuum to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair.
  3. Purchase a carpet cleaning pre-spray (Oxy-Clean Revitalizer or Zep Superior Solutions High Traffic Carpet Cleaner).
  4. Gather your supplies and take them to the area rug. This includes a pan of hot water, your cleaning solution, the brush and rag.
  5. Spray the carpet cleaning solution over your area rug. Be sure to mist the entire surface area of the rug.
  6. Use a soft bristle brush and a little elbow grease and start at one end and work methodically to the other using small circular patterns.
  7. Dip the rag into the hot water. Wring it out completely. Wipe the area in a straight line. Squeeze the soap and dirt out frequently.
  8. Repeat the process until you reach a desired result.
  9. Move your area rug back to its original position after drying.
This process can be very demanding physically if you wish may always contact DFW Steam Cleaning for your monthly area rug and carpet deep cleaning needs.

Annual Area Deep Cleaning

It is highly suggested at least once per year that you contact a professional area rug cleaner such as DFW Steam Cleaning to clean your area rugs and carpeting. We are able to clean most area rug right on site so you do not have to wait for the return and incur the expense of a second service call from the area rug cleaning service.

While we are out have DFW Steam Cleaning clean your carpeting, drapes, and upholstery also.